Memories of WWII

Norway was taken over by Germany after 50 days of resistance. Many German military were stationed at what was called the Polar Front. One man on the town began a collection of items from the war and although a personal collection, it is considered a very good collection of German uniforms and equipment. It even has a room dedicated to the Gestapo who were by leaders in the station.

Now located inside the museum the animal antlers are said to have been part of the original building.
The gallery owner claims that this watercolor was painted by Adolph Hitler because is signed AH. However it’s dated 1940 long after Germany began the war. His opinion is that Hitler never stopped painting and drawing. Behind this drawing was a collection of other drawings which are depictions of characters in Walt Disney films. The dwarfs are shown as pretty good replicas from the movie. I think now of Hitler and 4 of the 7 dwarfs. I tried to make out which were favored but my own dwarf history is not good.
Four good sized rooms are filled with manikins in uniform sometimes holding weapons that look like toys but are said to be accurate of the period. There are motorcycles and a can that I was told was a great invention called a “jerrycan” jerry being a slang name for Germans. My informant claimed it was a great invention.
The town with museum was reached after miles of water and mountains with tiny specs if villages reached only by boats. The ratio above of massive dark mountains with white fringe near the sea is classic. The sky sometimes had the promise of sun through the clouds but we actually never saw the sun all dat. And our midnight run to the museum was accompanied by a light rain.

This exceptional facade is the main building for the port and has offices for the various agencies connected to this administrative district. For a building in a place with very long nights- the façade is a fabulous idea. Note the broken notch on the far right to indicate a piece of ice – maybe a glacier. And the map is a pretty good replica of the shoreline. And the lines indicate various way finding techniques.

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