Northern Most Point in Europe

The North Cape is a stone mass that sits high above the sea. It has a weather station above the restaurant that is part of the complex celebrating its geographical distinction. Further toward the sea is point that used to fix the spot.

That’s me at the sphere that marks the spot. I seem to making some point but heaven knows what.
Before getting to our destination we drove through acres of tundra and waterfalls and small lakes. There are no tress not even bushes or shrubs. The colors are shades of green and brown sometimes dotted with black. The drive was almost an hour from the ship though this sort of landscape.
This building housed a cinema, a restaurant, gift shop and toilets 🚽 b three floors. And it was warm and out of the wind. All good things.

All the way we saw reindeer often too far away to photograph with my iPhone. We did have two guys with bigass cameras and they might have been able to get photos of them. I was surprised to see single animals not in a pack.

A Sami woman coming to the shop located on her family’s land. That land is also where the buildings were and part of the permission included the need for visitors to shop in the handcraft store also owned by the family.
The boots are made of skins from the reindeer herded by the same family and other items such as hats and dresses far too few to think that exactly the right person would come in to buy. But they are beautiful.
More on this visit but need to focus on packing to prepare to leave the ship tomorrow. More on all this soon.
Whether our America Indians or this in Latin America the simply built teepee covered with the skin of whatever animal is in the territory is the refuge from the weather. The hole at the top allows smoke from any fire inside to leave the space and the skins are impervious to water and wind. Convincing proof that we are all related and need protection and warmth.
This photo was hacked from the film at the visitor center.
Seagulls facing into the wind and coming into to the less windy cove. Seagulls are not dumb.

As we drove back over a pristine road we saw many more reindeer some in tiny groups two or three and much tundra. We had been told that snowplows must keep any road plowed 24 – 7 if there are humans in residence but since the visitors center closes at least that portion does not need plowing and we saw films of the snow plows BIG babies going really fast. They obviously don’t expect traffic.

An important service for our ship is the transfer of cars. I met a woman at breakfast who was on her way to see her children and grandchildren in Kirkenes our last stop in Norway. Her children moved there for work. They were born in a small and most beautiful village where after university they could not find work. Her husband had fished but neither parent wanted their children fish for their livelihood. Her car was on the boat with her and that would save her hours of travel.

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