No Formal Border Crossing into Finland

There was a sign that we were entering Finland and Kat out guide stopped to help us celebrate by imbibing in a bit of cloudberry liqueur. The little sweet orange berries made a nice liquor, about 15% alcohol. We each had a tiny taste. There was no passport control, no change of road pattern, no guards.

After miles of small lakes, for trees, various sizes of bushes and brush we stopped for lunch. Truly in the middle of nowhere.

Lots of reindeer antlers as decoration and the key colors of red and yellow decorated our lunch stop. We got there by turning off the main road onto a smaller crushed rock road. We were the only group for what was a very fine home cooked lunch put together by a couple of women with the help of one younger girl.

Back on the road we were about 2.5 hours from our Wilderness Hotel. Much snoozing.

Our motor coach is very comfortable. We are now down to 14 people from our original 24. COVID caught our fellow travelers. We hope to meet them in Helsinki in several days after their R&R. That is a lot of folks to lose. And those of us still standing – or walking or whatever count ourselves fortunate.

Our Wilderness Hotel is beautifully located on a lake and the buildings include sweet log cabins and two larger buildings which have hotel rooms and that is where we are staying. The log cabins are well built and arranged so that each has a view of the surrounding forest or the lake. Well done.

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