Dinner With Local Family

Our dinner was with a Finnish family who built the own house after planning to do so and locating acreage and furniture and finding 14 windows triple panes and reduced in price because the house was no longer going to be built in Helsinki. The house and other buildings are charming.

The house and 14 windows has 2 stories and was lived in by the family during construction. They had 2 children and all four slept downstairs in what is now the family room with the large dining table adequate for one, two or 20. The lawn extends from the fenced entrance to several smaller buildings. The fence keeps out the reindeer who if they manage to get inside devour plants which I guess taste better than the grass.
An old fashioned refrigerator where fish is being kept at the moment.
The biggest surprise was the sauna. It has two parts, one enclosed with the heater and one with comfortable chairs to relax after the sauna. We walked out to see the sauna up close
You can fit a lot of people in at one time. Another triple glazed window built specifically for this space opens to the woods behind the building. The owners said they of have friends over and all join in the sauna.
Here are our hosts who me lumberjack school. The white tub is filled with cold water to which snow can be added in winter. It had the rather awful look Of a white coffin to me…

I will say we had an excellent dinner prepared by the man of the house because his wife was in a class all day. He is a fine cook. I have a recipe for a flat bread he made which when covered with good butter could easily be a meal for me.

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