Lots of dry land and some cities packed with people. the Dead Sea resort where we are staying for 2 days is immense! Although I did not sit ( nor swim) in the sea I understood that the water seems dense and the woman from our group said she felt quite dizzy and need help from her position lying on her back. That made me even more pleased to go in the local town center.

Our greeter poured lemonade from his gorgeous contraption into our cups. Meanwhile his bells made soft jingly sounds.

Yesterday we traveled to Amman the capital city of Jordan. I was looking forward to seeing the citadel which has been historic center of the city and which has ruins and artifacts from ancient civilizations. Sadly the site is not well curated and in some ways our guide seemed more impressed with the mansions of the super rich on the hills outside the old city rather than extraordinary remnants of the ancients. Once we got to the citadel site I realized that Jordan is not careful about these treasures either. The site is not well organized nor does it seem to have the archeological skills necessary to tell their story. Hodgepodge signage and missing information persist. Thank goodness for the internet.

Meanwhile here in the hotel we are comfortable and well cared for by staff. Far from the stubborn signs of crowding and poverty. San Francisco streets are far dirtier and grossly inhumane. These streets are dusty and garbage ridden but there is no human debris in sight v
Local markets are colorful and explode with healthy food.
Beautiful arrangements are everywhere. Pink paper covered pears – wow I would buy them!

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