End of Summer 2019

Phaedra, Dan and the kids spent this past weekend at Stinson Beach with me. We ate very well and had hikes and beach walks and Sunday had a visit for lunch by Uncle Andy and Aunt Shirley.

I did dinner on Friday, Rosie was the cook on Saturday and on Sunday we went to the Parkside for dinner before the family left to go back to San Francisco.


Rosie who was ostensibly the chef actually had the direction from Phaedra who helped decide the menu, then Phaedra  and I went to Point Reyes to the Palace Market to shop for the best ingredients plus items needed to restore the Beach larder after weeks of short term rentals. I do bless the renters, but there is a price to pay. Then  Phaedra helped do the prep of the sauce and clean the shrimp. and help prepare the vegetables for roasting. Then Dan helped with the actual grilling.

Rosie actually spend her energy and time on tests. She is doing practice tests for the ACT. She is doing that test instead of the SAT for her college applications. She is very focused and very anxious, especially when her scores are not perfect. It is sad to think that this whole year has been devoted to worrying this process.

The beach was overcast on Saturday until mid afternoon at the same time it was pleasantly warm.


The birds stood in a line quite a way inland of the water’s edge, it was as if ready to do a chorale.


Sunday the sun gods were kinder. And the visitors were many.


Rosie finishes her Berkeley classes and has finals this week. Joseph and she both begin classes next week, Joseph in 8th grade, Rosie in her Senior Year of high school. Hardly seems possible in some sense but definitely in the fullness of time in another sense. Each is growing in confidence and each is finding her/his way. I am blessed to be able to witness and try to help.

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