East Coast – to New Jersey

My dearest sister Marcia lives in tiny Stillwater Township in New Jersey in a sweet yellow house with her husband David and lots of animals inside and out.

This was my first trip anywhere in more than a year and I was looking forward to it like crazy. This is also the first trip since early August when my knee decided to give up. That is, my knee complained about being forced to do dance 3x a week and Pilates 2x, to say nothing about all the walking. Turns out I have severe arthritis in both (!) knees.

So I am traveling with a cane. And now realize that the long walk to the gates which I used to regard with gratitude as a pay back for the long time sitting in the plane – is really tricky as well as exhausting. As I walked to Baggage Claim about a mile from the arrival gate a lady pushing a wheelchair coming in other direction stopped and said “I think you need a wheelchair. “ I told her we were almost there and I could make it. She said just sit down here having turned around and opened the arm. I sat. She saved my life. We of course were not almost there and it took lots of moves to connect with Marcia. Bless her heart.

Marcia and I met embraced and moved to get my bag.

One of my gifts was for David who is a bourbon lover. I bought the most fancy, expensive bourbon I could find and wrapped it two pairs of my pants inside a baggie. It arrived safely.

Meanwhile David knowing how much fun we’ve had in prior tasting went out and got his candidates. So we had a fine assortment of bourbons ranging in price from $18. – $180.!

All evening we sipped but not at the same time. After lots of talking and sipping we all agreed that the really expensive one was not worth it and we had different opinions on the best. More later since I must prepare for our dinner this evening.

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One thought on “East Coast – to New Jersey”

  1. wondered where you were. got shot in right knee, dx MILD arthritis well they may think it is mild, but the person using the knee, i.e. me, does not agree shot and all, 4 days later, still painful. back to the drawing board. you are brave to venture across country. have fantastic wonderful positive visit. warm hugs dee



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