Back to Cairo from Aswan

Yesterday was a difficult travel day. We left the boat at 9 after getting our suitcases out before 8 for the porters. Our buses left for the airport at 9 for a half hour drive that took almost an hour with really stop-and-go traffic. We were told that this is normal and unfortunately getting worse.

From the boat to the airport there were high tension wires to deliver electricity in all directions from the hydroelectric plant at the high dam to all parts of the country.

We in plenty of time for our plane because we were scheduled to leave at 11:15. We went through three check pints with scanners for hand luggage (none particularly close scrutiny) and headed to almost empty passenger lounge. On the gate monitor it said departure time was 11:15 delayed. And delayed we were.

We left about 12:30 into a cloudy sky in our Petroleum Airlines Service plane PAS. Our tour company Circle Cruise Lines has leased the whole plane.

The flight was to have taken an hour and a quarter took two hours + with a lot of circling over the runways.

To say that we were happy to get our bags and find our bus would be an understatement. The air conditioned bus waited for our luggage and we began our half hour trip to our hotel. We arrived there at 4:30.

At 5:30 we walked to our boat for a sunset ride on the Nile. The sun is going down behind the house where President Sadat spike to the people, like an Imam. He lived and worked in the house which slated to become a national museum.

What looks like wire sculpture is actually fluorescent tubing that will turn into images at night. The boat is a.bus of sorts but makes no stops. Simply it goes up the river and returns to its own dock. It is a ride in the cool air.

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