To Klamath River

Sunday morning a friend of Matt’s named Kit Coyle and I began the 6 hour +\- trip from San Rafael to Klamath River. Although Kit and I had at least one dinner together at the Connelly’s house in Mill Vally, I didn’t remember very much about him. I am certain Kit didn’t recall very much about me either.

We used my car. His car was left at the Barn. The trip north was the first for me for a long time. Some scenes were gorgeous, in fact many were. It has been a few years since I drove up Interstate 5.

At Willows just about halfway to Klamath I thought the grass covered hills to the east looked like the sand dunes of Morocco. Bands of green agriculture on top of which the dune-like hills marched along, then the rows of mountains in front of an uncertain sky.


After a lunch stop in Yreka we traveled another 3 hours and found Walker Road Bridge to cross the Klamath River to Walker Road and then on to Three Riffles, Matt and Susan’s establishment.

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