Three Riffles


This sign is at the gate to Matt and Susan’s country house. The welcome sign comes complete with the rules of ownership in rural areas – NO TRESPASSING…

So what is a riffle? It is an American word and refers to a rocky or shallow part of a stream or river with rough water. Fish love these spots, there are little waves and the speed of the fast moving water moves the pebbles and often these spots are good to lay fish eggs which snuggle into the river bed. And as I looked down from my bedroom window I think I saw more than three. They are horizontal waves, they don’t cross all the way, but they are in a line and have a lot of bubbles that form the riffle.

I brought some colorful flowers, even though there was so much natural beauty all around, I knew Susan would appreciate their outstanding colors and forms. We made two bouquets, one for the living room, and one for the dining room.


We had meals inside overlooking the river, and outside on the deck – also overlooking the river. It depended on the temperature, it was shockingly cool! I was prepared to be really hot, but no, I was in several layers each day.

Susan has two horses. She says they are getting too fat because she is not doing as much riding as she used to. The horses have a large pasture with plenty of shade for the days of summer when it often reaches 100 degrees. As soon as she goes near the gate and makes a clucking sound they come to say hello.


We walked and talked and Susan and I gradually caught up on where we were in our lives, and where we planned to go.

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