Getting Ready for the Fjords

In a matter of days I leave for Finland, Norway and Lapland! After considering getting a larger piece of luggage I decided to stay with the one I have and just take whatever fits. This is travel to a cold climate so I thought I might need bulkier clothes, sweaters and such… I will simply wear as many layers as I can while traveling and do a lot of washing. I know how to do that.

Getting ready

Usually I bring stuff to leave behind because often folks where I travel have little. But not so in these countries. However we are having a lunch with a family in Lapland and I have a memento designed to signal coming from San Francisco. It is a dish towel and we can always use another one of those.

A new kitchen towel

I am also going to buy some Jam made in SF because the locals of the Sami people who are the only remaining indigenous people in the region. They make jam from lingonberries and sell it and I hope they like the raspberry rose jam made by a small group in San Francisco.

Back to trying to figure out what to take and what not to. I am back to taking my walking shoes as well as my new rubber shoes for the rain which looks like an almost every day occurrence.

Hei hey! That’s so long in Finnish

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3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Fjords”

  1. have a wonderful joyous trip. Will enjoy reading your blog happy days happy voyage hugs dee ________________________________


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