I Had a Birthday

Birthday greetings

This year I decided to give myself a birthday present. I have been doing a travel blog when on trips (a sad disappearance during COVID) and this year I decided to give myself a new blog. The title is 89andCounting.

89andCounting will be a blog for elders, and for people who love elders, and for people who may want to become elders, and for elders who want to connect to others. This is a way for me to learn new things: how to operate a website, how to research topics of interest to me and hopefully to others, how to be a successful and positive presence on the internet.

But first let me tell you about my birthday! Phaedra set up a girls spa day at the Sonoma Mission Inn for Gaby and Phaedra and me, two sisters and a Mama. The Inn is located above Boyes Spring one of the hot magnesium salts springs used for generations of American Indian rituals. There were plans for a facial and a massage as well lolling in and around the healing pools of various heats, from way too warm for me, to body temp, to a bit more than 98 degrees, comfortable and according my masseur, Robert, very good for muscles after the massage.

After a walk in the town of Sonoma we found the oldest bar in town at the Swiss Hotel for a preprandial cocktail (Phaedra, me and Gaby)

My webmaster will be Ward once he gets back from his various appearances at conferences, I think it will be sometime next week. Aside from teaching me, it will be a sweet time to be together. I am making notes on topics I hope to address, and we shall see how it goes. You are welcome to comment…

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4 thoughts on “I Had a Birthday”

  1. apprciate your setting this up
    I shall be a faithful follower
    thanks and good luck and many happy birthdays now and in the future


  2. Dear Peggy Just letting you know I got back from TT yesterday. Had great trip, may be my last, 93 come June you know. Quill came back with me to be my live in caregiver until he leaves for college mid August. what a blessing to have his arm to hang on to, and he does all the local driving.etc. Anyway I do so want to take you out for your BDlunch, but it may be Sept. Oct. or November. Hope you can wait (smile) stay in touch. Send news of yoou and family from time to time, love hearing from you. Is your blog up and running? What is the email address please. love and hugs dee ________________________________


  3. seemm to have lost?? our blog address your blog not mine want to follow your journey please send hope you are having fantastic trip hugs dee


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