Coffee in Costa Rica

From the top of the volcanic mountain we dropped to 3000 feet – coffee country in Costa Rica. But before we got there we stopped at on the waterfalls along the way.

The overcast and very fine drizzle that was part of the journey is normal here

We headed for our coffee destination with intermittent showers. When we arrived it was much clearer. The coffee company has been around for a hundred years under 2 different owners. It is still operated in an old fashioned way. Our guide there was super, very knowledgeable and very charming. She began by showing plants from the bean onward.

We then went to each of the stations including washing, sorting, drying, sorting again and then treating each category in the way that each requires. Finest is dried naturally, medium and lesser are dried in ovens. Roasting happened after that.

Above the washed beans are being sorted into the 3 categories. Good, better, best. The largest are best but the peaberry or round bean is very special and is a 4th category. It is a fluke when instead of two flat beans the seed produces one round and one flat bean. The sugar in the seed is captured by the peaberry and leaves the other been with far less flavor.

As we concluded the tour each of the types was displayed green and roasted. They were fir sale. Of course.

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